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To download vids: right click on title, chose "save target as" and select where you would like the vid to be saved.
HQ vids are available upon request (see below).

Marguerite & Roxton vids

* NOTE: currently the M&R vids are a combination of DVD clips (seasons one and two) and VHS clips (season 3 had not yet been released when I made them) with some jumpy transitions. I do have plans to remake them as soon as I find time to make all new clips of all three seasons. So much to do, so little time...

Episode vids

All vids are .WMV format recorded at 256Kbps. Why? To accommodate those still on dial-up/slow access and to save space on my site. HQ vids are available upon request. Because Nova has ceased support of their VED program, I no longer have access to make alternate format versions of the vids I created in 2003-2004 (recreating them all is on my To Do List, but takes time). The above vids are available in 1Mbps WMV upon request. If you have any questions or comments, please Contact Me

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