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Cast List

RACHEL BLAKELY as Marguerite Krux
WILL SNOW as Lord John Richard Roxton
PETER McCAULEY as Professor George Challenger
JENNIFER O'DELL as Veronica Layton
DAVID ORTH as Edward “Ned” Malone
MICHAEL SINELNIKOFF as Professor Arthur Summerlee (first season)
LARA COX as Finn (third season)
WILLIAM DeVRY as John Malone [pilot only]

The character of Malone was recast after the pilot and his first name was changed from John to Edward (to avoid confusion with Roxton's first name also being John).

George, John, Veronica, Assai, Roxton, and Arthur all standing, Marguerite sitting on rock in front of Roxton and Arthur, all looking uneasy

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